Facilitate value creation

Statnett will facilitate value creation in Norway by ensuring that we have sufficient transmission capacity, by supplying power to new profitable business activities and by facilitating increased power exchange with our neighbouring countries.

If industrial and commercial activities are hindered by insufficient grid capacity the result may be a significant economic loss for society. There are currently many plans for new consumption in connection with new industrial activities and the petroleum industry. Several oil discoveries were made last year and exploration activities in the Barents Sea are expected to increase after Norway and Russia’s agreement on the Barents Sea demarcation line. Power intensive industry has signalled increased optimism for growth in Norway in the future.

Pure renewable energy

In the period 2008 – 2010, the power industry contributed more than NOK 145 billion to the Norwegian state and to local authorities. This is a value creation based on pure renewable energy. The current Norwegian government aims to develop a total of 26.4 TWh of energy in Sweden and Norway by 2020. Our grid developments will make sure that half of this can be developed in Norway in a profitable manner. We build and upgrade the grid in areas where it is least expensive to exploit renewable resources.

We unite Norway

The next generation main grid will provide stronger connections between all regions in Norway, and help even out electricity prices throughout the country in normal situations. This will result in increased predictability for producers and consumers alike and will pave the way for value creation in the whole country.

Statnett is also planning new interconnectors to the Continent. These will contribute to increasing the value of Norwegian hydropower’s regulating ability, which is in increasing demand and value in Northern Europe.