Hurricane Dagmar and Statnett

See the film about how the Norwegian power supply handled hurricane Dagmar,
and how Statnett works to secure the power supply.

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Increased security of supply

Statnett supplies power to all parts of Norway through a national operating organisation and round the clock preparedness. We will increase security of supply by reinvesting in existing facilities and developing the main grid of the future.

Security of supply is our number one priority. We will reinforce the existing grid and build new power lines which will ensure that all households and companies have electricity when they need it.

Efficient main grid

The Norwegian main grid is one of the most efficient grids in Europe. However, there is little spare capacity in the main grid and the margins are narrow. Extensive measures and investments will be necessary in the time ahead to meet the society’s demand. Consumption has increased significantly during the last two decades, without corresponding investments in the main grid or production to make up for this. The result is that security of supply is at risk in many regions such as in the Bergen area, Central Norway and Northern Norway.

Statnett operates the main grid on the principle that should we experience an outage in one power line, we will still have enough capacity in the rest of the main grid to prevent blackouts. Increasingly often this is no longer the case. Grid reinforcements are in the pipeline, but until these reinforcements have been completed, system operations will continue to be vulnerable in parts of Norway.

Focus on preparedness 

High utilization of the main grid gives little space capacity for new consumption and production. Building new power lines takes longer time than e.g. establishing new consumption within industry. To maintain security of supply until new grid is established, Statnett has increased focus on preparedness and, in some cases, implemented special short-term preparedness measures in some areas. Examples of such measures include introduction of new price areas, mobile power plants and increased fault repair preparedness. Statnett prioritises the measures on the basis of a general risk assessment. 

Increased capacity between Norway and neighbouring countries is an integrated and significant part of a main grid that provides reliable supply of electricity.